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1. Local Business Listing

The easiest way to increase your visibility online is to let local people know you are there to provide a service or product in your area.

There are many directories including Google, Bing and various other local listings. If you haven’t already added your business to these listings, you WILL be missing out on business.


2. Audit your On-Page SEO

This will help you get found on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Making sure each page of your website is optimised for your targeted keywords is essential to get more visibility on Google. To get your Free website report click on this link- SEO Report


3. Create an Email Marketing list

Create a list of your existing customers as well potential customers and send out regular emails of promotions, sales and updates on your business. Doing this will help you stay front of mind for when your customers are ready to buy your service or product.


4. Be an active Social Media User

This is a great way to connect with people and lead them to your website. The way to do this is to provide insightful information. It doesn’t have to be about your promotion or sales. The idea is to try to create initial interest and eventually guide them to your website.


5. Blogging

What is a blog and how can it help me is a question many business people ask. A blog is essentially an online journal that is frequently updated. You can add a blog page to your website and create articles that can be read by potential clients and can be shared throughout the internet. The key is to create insightful information that people will share which in turn will lead people to your website and hopefully return an increase in sales. Updating your website with blogs will also help you with SEO as Google is constantly looking for new content on each and every website.


6. Google Analytics

Once you have incorporated all of the above  you will start seeing a lot more people come to your website. Now you want to work out what their habits are when they are on your website and this is where Google Analytics comes in. You want to know what is working and what isn’t on your website. Are people going onto your front page and clicking off? Maybe some small changes to your website will change that. Is there a certain blog that has had more attention and created more sales? You will want to start writing more about that particular blog.

Using the analytics tools will help you make the most of people coming onto your website. Regularly checking analytics could increase your revenue 10-15%.

There is no secret or magic formula to being successful online. The key is being patient and spending time working on it. If you do not have the bandwidth to work on it then it might be time to appoint a marketing company to help you out.

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